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The Peace Curling Tour consists of the three major cash spiels in the Peace Region.

Cash Spiels

  • Grande Prairie October 25-27, 2013
  • Fort St. John November 8-10, 2013
  • Dawson Creek 22-24, 2013

          Teams competing in the cash spiels earn points toward the Tour Championship in Sexsmith January 3-5, 2013.

Cash spiels


  • Competitive
  • Challenge
  • Junior        


  • Each draw shall contain a mixture of competitive, challenge and junior games.
  • Games will be 8 ends with a full extra end to break a tie.
  • Competitive and Challenge divisions will play a true triple knockout
  • Junior/juvenile division will play a two game series on the Sunday.
  • Entry deadline is one week prior to the event (Friday).

Entry Fees

  • Competitive Division $650 or $1800 prepaid all three spiels
  • Challenge Division $350 or $900 prepaid all three spiels
  • $50/team/event will be paid to the PCA for management of the tour and support of provincial travel subsidies.
  • Junior division has no entry fee for the cash spiels.


  • Competitive and challenge teams earn points towards the Tour Championship as per below.
    • 2 points for attending a tour event
    • 4 points for C-final losers
    • 6 points for quarterfinalists
    • 8 points for semi-finalists
    • 10 points for finalist
    • 12 points for event winner
    • 3 BONUS points will be awarded to any team that attends       all three cash spiels.
  • The points of any team entered into a cash spiel that is a mixture of players from different teams will be awarded to the team with the most players      present. If the team consists of two players from two different teams, the entered team must declare which of the two teams the points will be awarded to prior to the start of the spiel. Upon entering the event, the team name will identify who will receive the points. Points are non-transferable between      divisions and the higher number of points will be considered for the tour championship.

Tour Championship

  • Teams must have played with a minimum of 2 players at a minimum of 2 tour events in order to qualify for the tour championship.  
  • 8 competitive, 8 challenge and 4 junior/juvenile teams will compete for the tour championship, all competitive and challenge division berths will be      earned through the cash spiel division.
  • The first tie-breaker for qualification for the tour championship is the number of events played. The second tie-breaker is the number of first place finishes, number of second place finishes, etc. The third tie-breaker is the head-to-head record.  In the case of an unbreakable tie, a game at a neutral location may have to be played.
  • The Tour Championship will be a double knockout event with two A-qualifiersand two B-qualifiers advancing to the playoffs. A-event winners will be awarded the hammer in the playoffs. If the two  teams from the same event meet, they draw for hammer at the end of practice.
  • There is NO entry fee for the tour championship.
  • A business casual dress code will be implemented for the championship banquet and attendance is mandatory or hammer will be forfeited for the event. Exemptions must be requested in writing one week prior to the Tour Championship.
  • Pomeroy crests must be worn on team jackets during the championship.



A team travelling with a coach may call one 1-minute timeout during each tour game and the coach may access the ice. The coach must be identified to the opposition prior to each game. An extra end also allows for one time-out per team (regular time-out not used is not carried over).


Draw for hammer

Winner of the coin toss prior to each game will have choice of second practice or color. Each team will identify one player who will throw 2 practice draws, one up and one back and then a third draw to the button for hammer toward the home end. Brushers and a target broom are permitted.   The team closest to the pin has hammer in the first end.   If both teams cover the pin or miss the house, a coin toss will determine hammer.

Substitution for Cash Spiels

  • Each team must register four players for the Peace Curling Tour.
  • During  any cash spiel, two spares will be allowed in any position.
  • A player from a team eliminated from the current cash spiel can substitutefor a team still in the event by playing a front end position only.
  • Substitutes may move up a division but may NOT move down.

Substitution for Tour Championship

  • A team competing at the Tour Championship must have a minimum of TWO of their four registered players.
  • At the tour championship, a substitute must play front end.
  • A substitute that did play one entire cash spiel with the team can play any position during the tour championship.
  • A player from a team eliminated from the tour championship can substitute for a team still in the event by playing a front end position only.
  • Substitutes may move up a division but may NOT move down.

Pomeroy Inn & Suites Prairie Showdown

Pomeroy Inn & Suites also sponsors a $100,000 World Curling Tour Event in March.

On the men’s side, the top three finishers in the competitive division at the Tour Championship qualify for the Prairie Showdown. If there is one playoff game required to determine the third and final berth that will be played Sunday during the Tour Championship finals. If more than one playoff game is required, the teams involved will determine a suitable location and time to play within two weeks.

On the women’s side, the top three finishers in the competitive division (championship and then tour standings), will earn berths. If there are not three women’s teams in the competitive division, then the berth will be forfeited to the Prairie Showdown event.

For both the men and women, if any of the qualifying Peace Curling Tour teams earns a berth through another means (WCT, AB Curling Tour or returning qualifier) then the number of qualifiers from the Peace Curling Tour is reduced by that same number.

In the event that the Prairie Showdown is in need of teams, priority will be given to Peace Curling Tour competitors.

The qualification process will be reviewed annually.

Teams qualifying through the Peace Curling Tour are responsible for the entry fee to the Prairie Showdown.

For more information regarding the Pomeroy Inn & Suites Prairie Showdown, please view their website at

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee of the Peace Curling Tour is Darrel Veiner, Chris Wall and Del Shaughnessy.


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